Epilepsy Resources

Epilepsy Resources and Support
Epilepsy Foundation of America
8301 Professional Place East, Suite 200
Landover, MD 20785-2353
Epilepsy Resources and Support
National Association of Epilepsy Centers
600 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 835W
Washington, DC 20024

430 W. Erie St. #210
Chicago, IL 60654

Epilepsy Advocate

Seizure Safety in the home
http://www.epilepsy.com/ get-help/staying-safe/safety-home

These websites connect people with disabilities, their families and caregivers to helpful resources on topics such as how to apply for disability benefits, find a job, get health care or pay for accessible housing.

  • http://www.disability.gov
  • http://www.benefits.gov
  • http://www.socialsecurity.gov/disability/
  • https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?
  • Support
    Online support forums ranging from Parent groups, Teen groups to General Epilepsy support.

  • Living Well with Epilepsy Support Forum- http://livingwellwithepilepsy.com/forums
  • Support Groups – http://www.epilepsy.com/get-help/ services-and-support/epilepsy-foundation -individual-family-services
  • Exceptional Parent – http://www.eparent.com
  • Seizure Assistance Dogs

  • http://www.canineassistants.org
  • http://k94life.org
  • https://www.pawswithacause.org
  • http://4pawsforability.org/ seizure-assistance-dog/
  • Devices, Alerts and Tracking

  • http://www.samialert.com
  • https://www.seizuretracker.com
  • http://smart-monitor.com
  • http://www.emfit.com
  • https://www.empatica.com/product-embrace
  • http://www.neuropace.com/
  • http://us.cyberonics.com/
  • Diet Therapy

  • http://www.epilepsy.com/learn/ treating-seizures-and-epilepsy/ dietary-therapies/ketogenic-diet
  • http://www.charliefoundation.org
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